Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There's an old sci-fi story about a planet where it rains for years at a time, and there's only one day of sunshine once in a long while. A child from earth moves there, and tells stories about the sun, but he is teased by his classmates, who don't believe such a thing exists. Playing outside and not getting wet? Ridiculous.

So anyway, there's sun in the forecast one day, and the other kids,
believing it a hoax, lock the boy in a closet. When they see the sun, they are so shocked and amazed, they forget about him and run outside to play. It isn't till the first drops start to fall that they remember the little boy from earth, and have to go let him out of the closet...

I felt like I found that little boy Sunday, in the shape of a dolphin. He didn't get to come out for the party, because in the excitement of having people here, I forgot he was locked in the freezer, all alone.

I hope his presence on the internet is enough to make up for his missed joy at the soiree.


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