Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I didn't know i had gmail set to record chats. Most of my chatting with Karl was on FB, but it turns out I have some saved conversations on gmail too. They made me so happy, I have to share. An unexpected Christmas present from Google.

12:07 PM Karl: meep
12:08 PM whatever happened to our cheap hotel rooms? Do we still have that?
me: erm, i dunno
Karl: we should find out
me: i think at least one expired
Karl: and go somewhere
and snuggle
in a cheap hotel
me: when when when???
Karl: my lovely wife
me: :)
12:09 PM Karl: sometime soon
me: do you have a spring breal?
Karl: The friday and Monday
four day weekend
but that's not until April
12:10 PM me: hmmm
Karl: It's only March tomorrow
me: well..... any sooner long weekends?
Karl: nope
12:11 PM it's a shitty term
the kids have the twelf off
but I have a work day
me: doesn't leave much snuggle time
12:12 PM Karl: nope
me: and me turning into an elephant and all
Karl: are you swelling?
me: my jeans don't fit today
Karl: Have you been on the scale
time to go shopping
12:13 PM me: i've lost weight acc. to the scale
2 lbs
Karl: maybe the ababy is eating you
me: eeeek!
Karl: hehehehehehe
12:14 PM me: baby's in my belly = shouldn't be eating me
bad baby
12:15 PM Karl: hehe
I am being a bad daddy
I should be grading
me: uh oh
Karl: but I am not
so sad
12:16 PM me: no, you are allowed a little time off
to chat up your wife
Karl: ok
me: ergh. bellyache.
12:17 PM Karl: what are you up to today?
are you going to the safehouse?
I tried to clean a little this morning so that the place would devolve so fast
cleaning up after myself I mean
12:18 PM me: i'll go in to safehouse this afternoon
after lunch
12:20 PM Karl: I emailed Liz about the thing next Friday at the Scottish arms
she told me to tell you hello
12:21 PM me: i tell her hello in return
Karl: are we doing Vanessa's tonight?
me: I think so - are we not?
Karl: I just remembered it
I'm up for it
12:22 PM me: should be fun - she really wants to have more people time
12:23 PM Karl: yes
me: if I add the cheese knives to mom's order
and dill stuff
that puts us over 300
but then what do we buy???
12:24 PM aaaaaaaahhrrggg?
Karl: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
12:26 PM Honey, I don't know... oh, the apple peeler for my folks
as a gift for their 50th
me: ok
that's what we'rll do
12:27 PM Karl: are you sure?
are there more fun options?
12:28 PM me: i'm looking
Karl: ok

11 minutes
12:40 PM me: ok
i don't teach math either
i'm clearly on crack
Karl: were we ok
on the numbers?
me: i added them the other night
and came up with totally different numbers
now i only have $250
12:41 PM Karl: double check everyone's orders
12:42 PM Mom, Sue, Vanessa, Mellissa, us, Terry, Julie
all there?
me: yep
12:43 PM i'm adding item by item
Karl: did we buy two of everything?
me: and nowhere near 300
12:44 PM which is fine
i just get $0 in stuff
12:45 PM whatever
Karl: pyramid schemes have great pyramid appeal cause they're made with consumer demands that are real....
to the tune of tater skins
12:46 PM me: stupid pyramid
12:47 PM i'm just getting the cheese set at $10 off
Karl: ok
ok, must work
c u late
12:48 PM r
me: k.

28 minutes
1:16 PM Karl: meep
1:17 PM meeple
me: mooop
Karl: zweeply
I am so bad
me: zoooooooba
Karl: I got nothing done in my prep
me: bad bad bad
Karl: yeah well
1:18 PM I have first hour prep tomorrow
that rocks for getting work done
me: it'll all work out
it usually does
Karl: third hour prep you are already exhausted
I'm not worried
I'm smerply
me: oooh. shmerply. i see.
1:19 PM Karl: somewhere there is a little us growing
I dreamt about frogs last night
me: itty bitty tadpole
Karl: I dreamt we had a little aquatic frog
1:20 PM maybe we should get one
those dog watering things are on sale at petsmart
I think I'll get one on my way home
I also have to stop at ITT
me: ok
Karl: for some paperwork
me: i have to call a doctor
i'm all nervous
1:21 PM Karl: Tempe or Sandy?
me: start with tempe beause she sent me a name
Karl: ok
the bell will ring soon
and then I must teach
me: diiiing
1:22 PM Karl: soon
not yet
three minutes
or sooooooo
me: ooh. gniiiid
Karl: all our fish seem so happy
I watched them all last night before you got home
me: were they smiling?
1:23 PM Karl: singing actually
me: that's pretty happy
1:25 PM Karl: there's the bell
I must salivate now
c u


Blogger Melissa said...

Karl: pyramid schemes have great pyramid appeal cause they're made with consumer demands that are real....
to the tune of tater skins

LOVE THIS. I hope I don't get a craving for these. Do they even make them anymore.

Love you, Jes.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Wow. Thank you so much for sharing-- especially about the tadpole. <3

10:19 PM  

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