Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hmmm… so what’s been going on? I’ve been slowly getting house in order at H. I let my adjuncting boss at E.C.C.C. know that I wasn’t going to be back next year and that the future of their relationship with H would depend on whoever came after me. It’s odd that he is my boss and this was our first and last conversation, he’d been on sabbatical when I started.

Actually, I had been planning on switching Dual Enrollment to Central Methodist University, but who knows what they’ll do now. I like my liaison at C.M. and would like to continue to work with her to develop classes for my new school. We’ll just have to see how that pans out. I am approved through C.M. to teach four different high school courses for college credit: Creative Writing, Comp I & II, and World Lit. It shouldn’t matter where I am, though the Methodist thing might matter to the new district.

I got a tentative schedule for next year from the new school and it looks a fair amount like what I just taught – again split evenly between gifted seniors and troubled freshman. I’m not sure why that has become my academic modus operandi; it’s probably something in the neighborhood of demonstrated track record. People can’t believe I have that age split, but I really like the contrast. Both groups are fun and challenging for different reasons.

I am looking forward to the summer with much anticipation. Our opposing sleep schedules seem to be increasingly problematic for Jes; so, it’s good to know that in less than a month we can go to sleep when we want to and sleep as long as we want. (Sorry, I am having a love affair with subordinating conjunctions.) In the fall I’ll be able to get up an hour later than I do now and still get off from work an hour earlier too. My new schedule will run from 7:15 to 2:15, so I can be golfing at Ruth Park by 3:00. I have to be in house by 6:45 which means I can sleep until 5:45 instead of my current 4:45.

We are house shopping. How are you?


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