Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I cleaned the house tonight – or some of it anyway – and it felt like I was moving back in. When you work an eight hour day in a town that is an hour and a half away you have to let a lot slide. I had no idea what food we had and had to reorganize the pantry to make sense of the myriad cans. In general I don’t know what’s where. You know you are living on the margin when you have a stock of canned meat that you didn’t know you had and your wife is a boarder line vegetarian.

Since we lost the bid on the foreclosure we went house hunting again tonight and are forced to come to terms with how little a lot of money can buy. I promised myself that I wouldn’t ever live like I did in college again, but college style housing is what we can afford. Of eight homes we saw tonight I thought two were livable, if they were in another neighborhood… you have to kiss a lot of frogs. I want to be past the starter home phase, but we aren’t. To keep this post positive, I’ll just say that home hunting in huge urban area is going to take some time. Thankfully we have a month to month lease and are under no pressure to jump at what might work and can wait for what we want.

I am still exhausted from the end of the term.
I will be thirty-four tomorrow.
BBQ is Saturday if you’re free.


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