Saturday, May 19, 2007

We found out Friday that we'd been outbid for the house. Our second offer was still too low. That's ok. It was going to be more work then I wanted to do anyway. The owners had been chain smokers and I'm not sure that even gallons of Kills could have really solved the smell issue. There are lots of houses that we can afford that have already been rehabbed, they are just a lot smaller.

Friday night I got home and slept, slept, and slept until I woke up rested enough to go to bed and get a good nights sleep. Today we went to the Chinese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. We have a family membership there and can get up to ten people in free with us - we took Vanessa and had great food, got chased by lions and dragons, fed the coy, and watched acrobats do very odd things with their pelvises. I ran into the band teacher from H who retired yesterday - just when you think you're out, they pull you back.

Tomorrow we are helping an Indian family give their furniture to charity. They work with Jes' mom and are moving back to India. Monday is my last day at both H and the puppy mill. Then I will sleep more...


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