Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sale-ing sale-ing over the winding sea:

Yesterday we had our moving sale, at the end of which we decided to spend part of today… having a moving sale. The weather was uncharacteristically nice yesterday and so people were out enjoying it rather than buying other people’s crap. We did ok, but the prospect of packing and moving all of our sale stuff is most daunting indeed. I am as yet unresolved on the donation debate. I think it might be more time and value effective to donate everything unwanted to Goodwill for the tax deduction and the support of that organization. In any case, we shall try again today to divest the rest from nine until noon as that was the time of yesterday’s peak attendance.

Beth is the most avid Potter fan among us. She did not sleep the night the book came out. Instead, she waited in line until two something and then started reading. She was close to halfway through by sale’s end yesterday. We got our copy last night from David. One of his booksellers reserved it for him. Jes must have stayed up late as she is on 386 already. I’m using our offset schedules to start it and am three chapters in. Perhaps few people came to our sale because they were all on their porch swings reading Potter. Perhaps.


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