Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Owwwww. This weather change stuff is giving me a headache. We had a cold front come through last night with a freeze warning so I covered the peony with a sheet, the butterfly and rose bushes each got plastic tubs over them, and all the tropicals came in off of the front porch. Our living room looks like a botanical garden and the kitchen looks like an English herb garden. It feels like the same radical movement is going on in my sinus cavities...ugh literal headache accompanies metaphoric one, film at eleven.

I just woke up from an hour nap with E. Napping with your son on a Tuesday afternoon is a very nice thing indeed. His mom is off burning things at U.M.S.L. I had to run up to Petsmart for her as they are doing a makeshift trashcan and pine shaving firing today - they'd run out of shavings. The first time she ever did this technique there the local fire department was most put out at not having been forewarned, but they are used to her annual end of semester pillar of smoke at this point - at least I hope they are.

We have extra - as yet not planted - plants as a result of our weekend. We went up to the ville for Friend M. Rice's bachelor party and we hit the Spark Brother's Customer Appreciation Day at their nursery in Louisiana, Missouri on the way home - they gave our family a free apple tree with our five dollar purchase (twenty five dollars in blueberry and raspberry bushes). The bachelor party was a low key affair involving a pontoon boat, many men, a tilt-a-whirl boat dock, and some very tasty grilled steaks. Jes hung out with Jen all weekend doing all things knit related while I was off with the boys playing freshwater, cool weather lake-pirate. Our adventures ended of an evening in Adirondacks with Partagas sipping a probable beverage of island pedigree- not bad.

baby calls - more rich prose anon


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