Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I love this holiday. All that 'bah humbug' I was blogging about before - that all comes AFTER Thanksgiving. What better reason for a holiday than to eat? Ok, ok, to eat AND think about all the blessings in your life.

Let's count some, shall we?

1: Elliot
2: The Best (and maybe strangest) Family. Period. And it just keeps growing.
3: Friends who amaze me with their love and support
4: Third Degree
5: Neighbors who believe in community. My block rocks.
6: Obama
7: Freedom of speech
8: Yarn. Lots and lots of yarn.
9: Knit Night
10: The RSS Loophole, which is letting me keep my house.
11: My camcorder and my Mac helping me hold on to Karl a little better
12: Did I mention my friends and family? Who could fall apart with this much support?
13: The Internet
14: FulcrumMonkey - Karl's own words out there for everybody, especially Elliot
15: Chocolate
16: Photography
17: Airplanes and the ease of travel they afford. Seriously, how much richer is my life for trips to Australia, Japan, and all over the US? Love airplanes.
18: Peace. I'm grateful that I live in a safe, stable democracy that can change without a bloody civil war.
19: My house full of beautiful memories
20: Everybody who is helping with Elliot's college fund. Thank you so very much.
21: Karl. Duh. This list is not necessarily in any hierarchical order, see?
22: Fireplaces, fuzzy slippers, down comforters - all things that make winter warmer.
23: Ajax. Most days.
24: Karl's amazing students, who raised $2K for Elliot's fund.
25: Patience
26: Hope
27: This beautiful life and the time I have to live it.

Happy Thanksgiving


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