Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My friend Mindy, a former co-worker from CCC and 3rd Degree, lost her brother Saturday. Two other 3rd Degree folks, Elliot, and I spent most of yesterday driving to the small Illinois town where she grew up and doing our best to be supportive. I felt like I should be able to say more - to come up with something comforting, but all I have are the same lines.

Mindy's brother, Matt, was 23. He was killed in his car by a reckless driver. I think about how we lost Karl (what a strange way to talk about death - "lost" - like I lost my keys or the battery cover to Elliot's toy or my homework.. there's loss and there's Loss, I guess) and how shocking it was. How nobody believed it. How I still don't believe it. Looking around at the faces, I saw the same disbelief yesterday, and the same love. My heart goes out to Matt's family and friends, and I hope that time does help us all heal.


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