Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I find I'm taking fewer pictures these days. I started the 365 photo project, and made it about 2 months before the winder blahs got me down. I am too far behind now, but i'm thinking about starting again on an upcoming special day (yet to be determined.)

The photos I have taken, i'm slow to upload. I like to think this is because i'm doing more living, and a little less documenting. I'm in the garden a lot. I have strawberries as big as my thumb now, just waiting to ripen. The irises are blooming, and other flowers are budding in the yard. I've pulled 3 wheelbarrow's worth of weeds in the last week.

I'm also making artwork. Not great work, but it's the starting that's hard for me, and I'm excited to be making something. I'll have a show in July, and it will be just ducky.

So here I am.



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