Thursday, June 18, 2009

Long days and short nights lately. Puppy got me up at 5:30 - we woke the baby round 6:30. So far today we have had no accidents in the house (yay!) but on the other hand, we've gone outside every time the pup has squirmed. I am certain he isn't just trying to get me to take him out, because he's gone pee every time and rushed back to the house right away. It's HOT.

We went to Circus Flora last night - it was fantastic. This morning we had music class, and Elliot slept through 5 yelling, dancing, giggling toddlers for a full half hour. He woke up for the last two songs, one of which was the "settle down" lullaby.

We have accepted an invitation to our first baby party - a 1 year birthday for the twins in our music class. Should be fun!

Ajax and Finley have started wrestling a little. The cat is doing that laying in the middle of the floor like he's helpless thing while the dog mauls him. I worry that the puppy teeth are a little sharp, but I'd rather see them interact then freak out and make them scared of each other. So, well, game on, I guess. Wrestle Mania photos soon.


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