Friday, June 19, 2009

Took Fin to the vet today. It's an adventure traveling with a toddler and a puppy, even less than a mile. He had to get the stitches out from his neuter, which went fine. There were a few other pups from Stray Rescue in with their foster family - none as amazing as Fin, tho. After a brief consultation with the Doc about his tendency to jump up unexpectedly and yelp (he checked for fleas and found none) we were on our way to petsmart. We made a tag for the pup, causing a meltdown in the toddler, who wanted to make another one. A little too expensive a thing to do for kicks... so we took our meltdown back home, fed it, and put it to bed, where it's now re-solidifying into my little boy.

Meanwhile, I have to call about dog number 2.


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