Wednesday, March 01, 2006

At your urging I have taken a closer look at the MP3 player. Having done so, I do not think that it belonged to the thief. The NPR podcasts and the music selection on it (Life in a Northern Town – The Northern Pikes) do not jive with the milieu of my thief. It is a Rio Chiba Sport with 256 megabytes of memory (how much is that?). It runs off an AAA battery and it docks with my computer using the same cable that works for my Palm Pilot. I just downloaded the drivers from the Rio homepage. Do I have a new toy? How would I find the real owner? What if the real owner is the thief? Hmmmmmmmmmm. I suppose I could check the serial number and see who it is registered to. They would have had to use the same registration software that I just did. Isn’t that the ethical thing to do?


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