Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Snow Day – not really. I am on my spring break and it’s the first day of spring so in true global weather crises tradition we had a big snow and ice storm last night. It really wasn’t bad. We were hoping for a big snow so that Jes would have the day off and we could go sledding, but alas twas not to be.

My parents were in over the weekend and we did the meet the families thing with Jes’ parents. That seemed to go well. We had dinner with Gary and Sue on Saturday at Pietro’s on the hill. I am still eating leftovers from that meal. Jes’ nephew Brad and a friend of his came along and my sister Vicki as well. Sunday we had lunch at Olympia with Jes’ mom and stepfather. That also seemed to go quite well, so we’re that much closer to the wedding. I think we have a date and a location now, but we’ll keep you posted. We have to get our reception to line up with the evolving ceremony.

Oh Christ, our idiot president has just come one the TV to tell me how well things are going in our oil war. You know, he really is a great public speaker. I think his logic gaffs humanize him. I thought conservatives were opposed to big government. It seems odd that we would have a bigger deficit now then ever before in the history of the country. It seems odd that the democrats had balanced budgets, but Republicans aren’t even going to try. Instead they just changed the cap on how much debt we can have (8.9 Trillion) – lifting the ceiling by billions of dollars. Our national debt is up 58% since he came in. Helen Thomas is giving G.W. a hard time. I love Helen. It is nice to see idiot in the hot seat.

Ok, must dash. I have a great deal of school work to get done this week. No travel for me, so sad.


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