Wednesday, June 13, 2007

As expected, our morning meeting required fifty two signatures. We were there for some time as this state funding we are applying for requires several years of financial records to prove need and no prior home ownership. It’s an odd thing to have to simultaneously paint a financial picture of both health and need. We are sliding between Scylla and Charybdis in that we need to qualify for the home loan (no problem) while not appearing to make more than a certain amount between the two of us (problem).

We had to call a few of our former part time gigs to make sure that they are no longer listing us as employees when people call. This is tricky because we both do contract work and are generally always potential employees for people that we have contracted for in the past – just because I have made X at the “puppy mill” is no reason to assume that I will make X in the future but state auditors tend to view pay stubs as reflective of both what you have and will make. Today we are both crafting letters of explanation to accompany our application for state funds, as well as rounding up stray documentation. Tomorrow we need to run back up to H to sign some stuff there as they are switching health plans. It has been and will be the summer of the signature.

After we had our meeting, we went to Kopperman’s for breakfast. It is lovely to sit out on the sidewalk in the West End while drinking fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. My huevos rancheros was perfect as usual. We went and worked on Jes show after breakfast. She had me assist her for the first time and I learned more about how to blow glass – mostly I just got the pipes ready, put things away, and was generally an extra pair of arms. At the end of the session we had room in the annealer so I made my second paper weight. I’ll post a picture when it cools.


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