Friday, June 15, 2007

Yesterday was certainly a busy one. For complicated reasons we have only had Jes partially insured for the past few months – her insurance company refused to cover her, as they require twelve months of prepay before covering maternity (they what?!?). Yes, they expect you to pay more in premiums before you are even pregnant than you would pay for both a normal pregnancy and delivery. She has had emergency, but no maternity. We’ve been paying the maternity costs out of pocket – which have been expensive, but less expensive than the coverage would have been.

Anyway, my former employer, who is still my employer until August, switched insurance companies this week and had an open enrollment so we were able to get Jes onto my insurance with maternity coverage. Even if they hadn’t switched companies they were still having an open enrollment this month, the funny part is that they switched to Jes’s same company, but under the group plan they have to give her the coverage that they denied her on her individual policy – so there. We did a three hour roundtrip to H yesterday morning to fill out the enrollment paperwork – the superintendent pressed me to reconsider leaving and told me I would always have a place on his staff. Sad, I loved that job.

So my new job, which I will also love, will have to cover Jes when we switch to their insurance in August – which I’m sure they would have anyway - because there is a federal law mandating that when you switch policies in switching jobs, and you have had maternity coverage, they have to maintain the level of coverage that you had with your previous employer. Good to know.

After we got back from H we had a fair amount of paperwork to get to our loan officer to supplement the material we’d already given him, old W-2s back to 2004 and such. Having completed that task, and faxing everything off to him, we then set up Jes’s show at Third Degree, which opens tonight. She had me work as her assistant earlier this week on several of the pieces, she’s going to get me trained up as a glass blower so we can do production work after my school day is over. This is a very cool thing.

This morning we have the building inspection on the house followed by a sewer inspection – they will run a camera through the sewer to the street to check for tree root incursions or other problems – a new sewer line could be very expensive so we want to know what we are getting into. After that we are heading back to the studio to finalize the show – which you should come to tonight from 6-10 at Third Degree.


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