Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Exciting news!!! We’ve had the first documented theft from the new house. I was doing some yard work this evening around the perimeter of the property and I had set a Peroini beer glass full of water on the steps into the backyard. Two thugs walked by the alley where I was working and I came back around the house to discover that one of them had stolen the glass – I’m making a presumption, but it was only them and me, and I didn’t steal it. After they passed, there was nothing on the step but the water ring from the recently sweating glass. I actually drove around the block out of curiosity and they had vanished, which means they live close!!! I think we can look forward to more theft from these two neighborly gents. My neighbor Kevin told me that two doors up, two days ago, all of another neighbor’s tools were stolen. They are putting in a new fence and security lights. We are installing a gun turret.


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