Saturday, June 27, 2009

Last night I attended (and photographed) my former boss' wedding. They had, by far, the shortest ceremony I've ever seen, and I thinkf the best food I've ever had at a wedding. Several of those in attendance had been at my wedding as well, and here and there I had a conversation about similarities/differences between our weddings. The best similarities were these: The bride and groom both radiated happiness and contentment with each other, and all the guests had a lovely time.

Naturally I get emotional - I did tear up a bit during one of the toasts. Since Karl died, I've been to 4 weddings, and I've cried at all of them. Just this morning I agreed to help shoot another wedding in September, and my brother's will be in October.

I think about how every marriage is different, as is every relationship, but I think they almost all start with joy, hope, and high expectation. That may be why they are so much fun to photograph - there's so much positive energy. Sure, here and there you get a bridzilla, or a mother on the edge, but usually they are lovely, each in their own way.

Lately there's been a lot of talk about me dating again. It seems one of those "third drink" topics for my friends and family. You know, like saying "I Love You" takes a little liquid courage sometimes? Well, if you're wondering, I have no intention of being alone forever, but I also don't plan to rush into anything. I accept that, somewhere, there's a guy who would fit in my life and I in his, but I have faith that we'll figure it out in due time.

Till then, I'm so glad people find each other, and love each other, and make promises, and trade rings. And I hope for Him and Anna, and all the other newlyweds out there, that the hope, joy, and positive energy stay with you and grow in the years to come.


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