Sunday, July 19, 2009

Been a busy week. I spent most of the last several days in the studio putting work together for the Third Friday show at Third Degree. Happily, the show was very well received, and I sold two pieces at the opening. Hooray!

I have one piece in the show which is a line of ducks - a big duck and two ducklings. I was a little surprised at how free people felt to pick up the work from the pedestals. Because they couldn't seem to put them back in line where they found them, I spent a large part of the evening getting my ducks all in a row. Tee hee.

Dropped Sarah off at the airport yesterday, so the house is a little quiet. We walked up to Ted Drews last night for a concrete. Walking with a puppy, a toddler, and an custard shake, well, challenging.

At the moment, Elliot's in the kitchen sweeping, but he's not quite the housekeeper Sarah was.

Looking forward to a quieter week, hopefully seeing a few friends, but mostly hanging around the house. Woot.


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