Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm proud of myself today for being pretty productive. I've been a little of a funk lately, and haven't been able to motivate well. Getting outside this week helped a lot. We went to Purina Farms and the Botanical Gardens.

I cleaned a lot. Elliot's room is all tidy, and I put his rug back down. I'd taken it up when we started housebreaking, and thought we were progressing well enough to put it back out. It made it at least 3 hours before Fin peed on it, so maybe we aren't progressing as well as I thought.

I also cleaned up all the poop in the yard, cleaned the fish tanks, and cleaned up (some) in my room.

It's still strange sometimes - I just end up laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking about Karl's last moments, and wondering...

It happens every time I try to clean in there - maybe that's why I avoid it so much, and things pile so high on the bed. Laundry on the floor gets peed on, so it has to stay up, and I haven't brought myself to get rid of enough of Karl's clothes yet, because there's still not enough room in the dressers for mine. Blah.

Anyway, a productive day, and the house looks better than it did this morning. So good for me.


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