Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I didn't know i had gmail set to record chats. Most of my chatting with Karl was on FB, but it turns out I have some saved conversations on gmail too. They made me so happy, I have to share. An unexpected Christmas present from Google.

12:07 PM Karl: meep
12:08 PM whatever happened to our cheap hotel rooms? Do we still have that?
me: erm, i dunno
Karl: we should find out
me: i think at least one expired
Karl: and go somewhere
and snuggle
in a cheap hotel
me: when when when???
Karl: my lovely wife
me: :)
12:09 PM Karl: sometime soon
me: do you have a spring breal?
Karl: The friday and Monday
four day weekend
but that's not until April
12:10 PM me: hmmm
Karl: It's only March tomorrow
me: well..... any sooner long weekends?
Karl: nope
12:11 PM it's a shitty term
the kids have the twelf off
but I have a work day
me: doesn't leave much snuggle time
12:12 PM Karl: nope
me: and me turning into an elephant and all
Karl: are you swelling?
me: my jeans don't fit today
Karl: Have you been on the scale
time to go shopping
12:13 PM me: i've lost weight acc. to the scale
2 lbs
Karl: maybe the ababy is eating you
me: eeeek!
Karl: hehehehehehe
12:14 PM me: baby's in my belly = shouldn't be eating me
bad baby
12:15 PM Karl: hehe
I am being a bad daddy
I should be grading
me: uh oh
Karl: but I am not
so sad
12:16 PM me: no, you are allowed a little time off
to chat up your wife
Karl: ok
me: ergh. bellyache.
12:17 PM Karl: what are you up to today?
are you going to the safehouse?
I tried to clean a little this morning so that the place would devolve so fast
cleaning up after myself I mean
12:18 PM me: i'll go in to safehouse this afternoon
after lunch
12:20 PM Karl: I emailed Liz about the thing next Friday at the Scottish arms
she told me to tell you hello
12:21 PM me: i tell her hello in return
Karl: are we doing Vanessa's tonight?
me: I think so - are we not?
Karl: I just remembered it
I'm up for it
12:22 PM me: should be fun - she really wants to have more people time
12:23 PM Karl: yes
me: if I add the cheese knives to mom's order
and dill stuff
that puts us over 300
but then what do we buy???
12:24 PM aaaaaaaahhrrggg?
Karl: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
12:26 PM Honey, I don't know... oh, the apple peeler for my folks
as a gift for their 50th
me: ok
that's what we'rll do
12:27 PM Karl: are you sure?
are there more fun options?
12:28 PM me: i'm looking
Karl: ok

11 minutes
12:40 PM me: ok
i don't teach math either
i'm clearly on crack
Karl: were we ok
on the numbers?
me: i added them the other night
and came up with totally different numbers
now i only have $250
12:41 PM Karl: double check everyone's orders
12:42 PM Mom, Sue, Vanessa, Mellissa, us, Terry, Julie
all there?
me: yep
12:43 PM i'm adding item by item
Karl: did we buy two of everything?
me: and nowhere near 300
12:44 PM which is fine
i just get $0 in stuff
12:45 PM whatever
Karl: pyramid schemes have great pyramid appeal cause they're made with consumer demands that are real....
to the tune of tater skins
12:46 PM me: stupid pyramid
12:47 PM i'm just getting the cheese set at $10 off
Karl: ok
ok, must work
c u late
12:48 PM r
me: k.

28 minutes
1:16 PM Karl: meep
1:17 PM meeple
me: mooop
Karl: zweeply
I am so bad
me: zoooooooba
Karl: I got nothing done in my prep
me: bad bad bad
Karl: yeah well
1:18 PM I have first hour prep tomorrow
that rocks for getting work done
me: it'll all work out
it usually does
Karl: third hour prep you are already exhausted
I'm not worried
I'm smerply
me: oooh. shmerply. i see.
1:19 PM Karl: somewhere there is a little us growing
I dreamt about frogs last night
me: itty bitty tadpole
Karl: I dreamt we had a little aquatic frog
1:20 PM maybe we should get one
those dog watering things are on sale at petsmart
I think I'll get one on my way home
I also have to stop at ITT
me: ok
Karl: for some paperwork
me: i have to call a doctor
i'm all nervous
1:21 PM Karl: Tempe or Sandy?
me: start with tempe beause she sent me a name
Karl: ok
the bell will ring soon
and then I must teach
me: diiiing
1:22 PM Karl: soon
not yet
three minutes
or sooooooo
me: ooh. gniiiid
Karl: all our fish seem so happy
I watched them all last night before you got home
me: were they smiling?
1:23 PM Karl: singing actually
me: that's pretty happy
1:25 PM Karl: there's the bell
I must salivate now
c u


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mom kept Elliot last night. I taught for a friend at Third Degree, who had to go home for her grandfather's funeral. I'm not very good at nights alone. I cry more when Elliot's not in the house.

I had one of those dreams that is so happy it hurts to wake up. I was pregnant, and Karl was alive. We were staying with my grandmother in Arkansas. She's really been gone for years now, but there she was, so excited about my baby, and full of questions about Elliot. She stood at her kitchen table sorting through hand made baby clothes - tiny little sweaters and socks...

I remember sitting on her couch, my hand on my belly. I remember that full, solid, melon like quality, and the comfort of feeling the baby move. I said "I hope it's a girl," but I didn't really. Even as I said it, I knew it was another boy, and I was glad.

I was due in October. Elliot and his baby brother would have close birthdays. They'd be three years apart.

That had always been my plan.