Thursday, May 04, 2006

I had an odd day. I was going to write about the whole fingerprinting thing and what a strange drama that was, but my day got much more odd. I have what amounts to a side job. I consider it a kind of stop-gap employment because I don’t exactly respect the company I work for, but it pays the bills. I’m not sure how to write about what happened at work today, because I’m fairly politically astute and so there are various levels of drama that I could write about. The bottom line would be that my department was dissolved. My boss was demoted and offered a chance to apply for a promotion. I am left with several options. I can continue to teach my classes in house instead of online, this is fine for the summer, but it means I would quit in the fall when my real job started. I can get out of the local mess and begin to work for the national office, in which case I would stay an online instructor, but this would require… going over the heads of several people who have been my bosses, but are less qualified than I am. Let’s say that I got laid off for the coming term, offered a different but similar job at a higher pay rate but with more work. Instead I might go over the heads of everyone I have worked for and become something else in the national organization. Or I might just leave. It’s hard to say what I’ll do, but it’s not bad. I think all my options are good.


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