Friday, May 05, 2006

Inexplicable Post:

The Independent Spanish Liquid Theater of Love Presents: Ma & Pa Godhead feed the pet.

Pa: Honey, did you feed the abyss today?

Ma: We’re all out of the dry food so I left out a plate of raw oblivion on the kitchen counter. It’s not there now, so I figure the abyss got to it. What about the litter box?

Pa: There’s nothing in it.

Ma: Well, that makes sense I guess.

Thank you for attending this very short performance by The Independent Spanish Liquid Theater of love.

Stagehand One: What the hell was that?

Stagehand Two: Seemed sort of experimental, high concept.

Stagehand One: I think they missed something by not giving the abyss any lines.

Stagehand two: Yeah, the immovable object in last week’s play really stole the show.

Stagehand One: You mean that demi-urges piece of crap. I thought the whole thing suffered from rank sentimentality.

Stagehand Two: I disagree. I found the prime mover’s performance to be quite…moving.


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