Monday, May 08, 2006

I am hearing that somnia is in, or at least it’s going around. At two in the morning I am vowing not to break last nights record of four something that kept me from making by eight-thirty a.m. tee time. I didn’t even try to get up. I just slept on through until one. Thirteen hours of unabated perception later I find myself the lone light of consciousness in a house of repose. My dog is lying next to me on the couch dreaming of running in fields. His feet twitch when he dreams that he’s running. I’ve had a cute day with dog. We went for an early afternoon walk over to Jes’ mom’s house and ended up hanging out in the backyard well into the evening. They have a small pond that Bastian jumped into and I got all mucky getting him out. Ah well, I feel sleep tugging at me at last so more on my doings later.


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